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What Does Our Daily Life Look Like in Panama?

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In this video, we give you an inside look at what our daily life is like in Panama?  My wife and I both quit our corporate jobs to move to Panama and are entrepreneurs.  For that reason, our lives are a lot less structured because we no longer have to work a 9 to 5 job.  We have a lot of freedom and flexibility to do almost anything we want to do.

However, we do still run a couple of businesses from Panama.  We sell Holy Anointing Oil made to the exact specifications in Exodus 30 on Amazon.  A few times a week, we go to our storage unit to mix and bottle the oil.  Then while binge watching whatever TV series at home, we package the oil so we can ship it to Amazon's warehouse in the U.S.

Our other business is growing our YouTube channel and generating income from that.  In addition to some consultations and affiliate marketing opportunities, we've release our Panama Relocation Online Course.  In this way, we can generate some income while doing something we're passionate about which is... helping people to see that then can successfully leave the U.S. and do it!

We generally wake up, go play pickleball for a couple of hours, come home and eat some breakfast.  Then we may check out some U.S. news (briefly so as to not get depressed!) before getting on with our day.  If we aren't producing content for YouTube, editing videos or handling some administrative things, maybe we'll go out to lunch before getting back to work.  We may go down to the pool or play some cornhole before it gets too late in the afternoon before settling in for the evening.

Our main form of entertainment in our area is to meet friends at a restaurant where there is live music.  We also attend a game night and an occasional farm to fork event.  We keep an eye out for activities and festivals in Panama City to attend on the weekend once or twice a month.  We attending events such as wine and cocktail festivals, boxing matches, the Emotions Dinner Theater, meet ups with other expats, etc.  We also take our E-bikes to the city and ride on the Cinta Costera or the Amador Causeway.

We also plan a trip every 2-3 months either within Panama or to one of the surrounding countries.  Within Panama, we've been to Boquete, David, Portobelo, El Valle, Playa Venao and the San Blas Islands.  We have plans to travel to other places as well.  Aside from visiting family in the U.S. once or twice a year, we've visited Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba from here so far.  We plan on making trips to several other surrounding countries.  

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