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Ready to move to Panama?  LET'S GO!

Hi, I'm Alonzo.  My beautiful wife, Shanae and I meticulously planned  our move to Panama since 2017.  We were delayed in moving due to the pandemic but have been permanent residents in Panama since 2021.  We love it and you will too!

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Don't have an immigration lawyer yet?  

Prime Solutions Tax & Legal is one of the most reputable law firms in Panama.  Founding partner Giovanna Bernal is recognized as a top immigration professional by U Global Immigration.  Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with Giovanna to learn more about obtaining permanent residency in Panama.


FREE Prime Solutions Tax & Legal Consultation

Pensionado Visa

Under this residency program, the applicant is only required to present evidence of a monthly income and for life, of at least US $1,000.00 per month in the form of a pension or retirement.

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Friendly Nations Visa

This residency program grants applicants from 50 countries designated as  "Friendly Nations", a provisional residency visa for 2 years, before applying for a permanent residency visa.

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Digital Nomad Visa

This short-term visa as for remote workers is valid for 9 months, extendable for the same period. It allows a person in teleworking mode to reside with no tax implications in Panama.

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What can you expect from our Panama Relocation Online Course?

In this course, we help people who have become frustrated with the quickly deteriorating economy, social conditions, safety and freedoms in the U.S. or their home country who desire to become expats in Panama go from feelings of stress and anxiety associated with making this international move to feelings of confidence and ease that comes with your increased KNOWLEDGE of the laws, culture and people of your new home… Panama!


Learn about Panana's history, culture, people, residency visas and government structure.


Learn about banking, the economy, housing, cost of living, food, weather, crime, healthcare, infrastructure.


Our checklists from 2 years prior to your move to moving day, will shape your expat TRANSFORMATION. 

Panama Relocation Online Course


$269 for CFE Community Members

  • Learn about Panama's history, culture, driving & tax laws, people, demographics, and government structure
  • Learn about Panama's economy, banking, housing, cost of living, healthcare, food, weather, crime, geography and infrastructure
  • Execute our step-by-step residency visa document preparation and application process
  • Work with top immigration lawyers, realtors and tax professionals
  • Learn how to organize and structure your exploratory trips for maximum efficiency
  • Use our checklists up to 2 years in advance of your move!
  • Use our International Relocation Planning Tool to seamlessly execute your move to Panama!
  • Ease your stress and anxiety while learning to avoid costly mistakes!

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Carlo & Vicki Bleus

"After we joined the Chosen Few Expats Patreon group, we scheduled a Zoom consultation.  Alonzo answered the questions we submitted in addition to providing other useful information. He sent a summary of the call with links to helpful websites. Alonzo followed up with even more helpful information. If you are considering moving to Panama, I highly recommend that you consult with Chosen Few Expats beforehand."

Nick Abellera

"Alonzo, your great communication and comments have helped me a lot.  Just waiting for my FBI check to return from the state department.  Then it is off to Panama and the lawyers office. I feel this has given me a good head start to a happy start to my new life in Panama.  Thanks again for all you are doing for people like myself.  Maybe we could meet for lunch. I would like to meet you just to say hi."

Lester & Pat Strong

"Pat and I are delighted to offer a review.  We could not have been more pleased with the work of Alonzo and "Chosen Few Expats". He answered all of our questions in great detail even though we have very particular interests which required considerable research. Alonzo made our planned trip to Panama infinitely easier."

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